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Punkh International

On display at our Maitland Show on March 22nd!

Made to measure corsets, trousers, and vests in either cow or soft nappa sheep leather from renowned manufacturer Punkh International! YES, we can orders and measurements at the show!

  Circus Bizzare Dungeon Furniture
and Equipment


All custom made to your requirements and measurements. A must see (!) for anyone with an interest in BDSM, S&M, and ordinary kink. Although generally made to order to suit personal measurements and preferences, there will be a small number of specials for sale on the day. All of these items are of professional quality, and are used and personally recommended by Mistress Martine!

627/628 Paddles to customer requirement flat,ventilated(spencer type) includes flexible rubber also in flat or ventilated. The timber ones can be raw,varnished or painted. weight varies front light weight plywood to heavy hard wood Also are the engraved ones may have name of choice so they leave a mark with your name or your friends name or whatever best to keep to 5 letters maximum.

629 another paddle in raw plywood and the Humbler

630 Bead whip 5 mm stainless steel bead chain lengths and number of chains at customers discursion as is the handle length

631 Cats (o nine tails) various number of lashes lash length and handle length. Standard handle is black but other colours available but request.

632 Bull whips nominal 4 ft. 1200 mm with or without lash 2 or 4 , and cracker available on single lash

636/637 Cuffs made from real solid leather to customers lengths so yes they will fit large ankles and knees as we use your measurements red white and black match ing collars ( as shown) and leads Not shown but like a leather dog lead. The Velcro shown rolled with the S piece attached is shown as 40 mm width and comes either cut to your lengths or in roll This is double sided loops on one side hoohs on the other so just wrap it round and instant restraint !

638 Double braided rope black , usually red also available different sizes from 6 mm to 12 mm supplied cut to length or by the roll. strong flexible durable. we can also supply swivelling pullies again by order

639/641 canes in natural ( raw , sanded , or sanded and varnished in clear polyurethane) solid delrin, 6 mm or 8 mm Tubular poly carbonate various sizes and weights.. range of lengths to suit your needs.

642 Alternate "smother box" seat to the conventional toilet seat set shown in one of the Martine pics hers was the one she uses. Smother box also available with no seat but a neck bar for restraint. The smother boxes standard cone with eye bolt each side for attaching cuffs to.

A testical clamp of the "Humbler" design applied while man is kneeling with knees bent .... imagine what happens if he trys to stand or straighten legs ? A Paddle with the name as chosen by customer engraved in wood

Shoes for Crossdressers!
644.45 Solid lockable parachute , available with harness and weights or just holes for attachment of same centre hole to your size.

646/7 St.Andrews cross available with top and bottom eyebolts for cuff attachment od D pads for velcrow. We recommend also points for velcro at lower thigh height upper arm and waist if you want the full set. These are de mountable into 4 pieces for transport and when assembled are free standing so need no attachment to wall so are moveable from room to room or where ever you want. Standard colours Purple or black or varnished in either clear or any of the standard timber finish colours.

Martine's Toys!