Say HEL-LO to Iwreni, our newest star! See below for more information.

Baby Hannibal the Human Spark Plug
On March 22nd, 2014 watch Hannibal attempt a world record on stage!

What a name. However he doesn’t look much like a baby The gladiator of blubber is lots closer to the truth, this sad and sorry reject from Michelle’s Boutique De Slim none-the-less become our hero of horrors. Depression plagued Hanibal as a child. His parents wouldn’t let him pull the legs off mice! Then came a major set back; He was turned down for a job at the local abattoir on the slaughter line because he was too young. Ten and too young!. What a disappointment. Enough to make anyone depressed. You have to remember that back in those days before Prozac the only really effective treatment for major depression was electro shock. And that was where things went horribly wrong for Baby Hanibal. Glenside in the old days. Well in the middle of a treatment there was a black out , then suddenly it was back on. But what about the power surge? Well the result is this fright who is addicted to pain and electricity like some people are addicted to Fast Food and you know how serious that can be. For most of us pain is to be avoided, well most of the time, but for Hanibal masochism is not an acquired taste like strong drink, strong women and mashed turnip. For him it is a way of life. The freak show is the natural setting for someone who eats live things, plays with power tools and demolishes besser blocks with his head. But how fortunate are we. He can feed himself, though as you can see somewhat too often and thankfully he can go to the toilet on his own. Don’t get him angry with you though or he may have you up on stage as his assistant! And that can turn nasty. Hanibal’s record includes three appearances on Australia’s Got Talent ,Filming for USA Cable TV, Guinness World Records Sydney, Guinness World Records Italy. With somewhere north of 350 performances in Circus Bizarre and before that with the St Mathews Freak Show there are indeed very few who can compare.
Iwreni - Hannibal's Assistant Stage Manager
As anyone can see Iwreni takes crowd control very seriously. With great people skills developed during her career in Liquor retailing and the entertainment industry Iwreni does have her R.S.A. and thus can legally bring the two stubbies from the ice box for Hanibal to skull. Although she can as easily look stunning or too mean to tangle with Iwreni is not a Licenced Security guard so we like to make it clear the whip is a promotional item from our range of dungeon merchandise and is not actually for crowd control. Coming on stage fro the very first time for the Maitland Motorbike and Hot rod show Iwreni has been through some serious training for all of the dangerous stunts that she will be performing. Blowing fog rings with a mouth full of Dry Ice !! How cool is that? Even when she lays down on the job she doesn’t get much rest on our bed of nails, not to make too fine a point.!So help us welcome Iwreni by giving her a big round of applause and we all hope to see more of her in the future.
Chris "Sparky" Dempsey
On March 22nd, 2014 watch a world record attempt with Chris as the axe swinger of Besser concrete block splitting on Hanibal's Head!

All electrical work,15 years of experience in Domestic,Industry and Solar electric systems All installations,repair and maintenance or phone 0419 460 656
Martine in her secluded serene bush setting looks like sweetness itself ,and so she can be : as long as you behave yourself and do exactly as she tells you. Misbehaviour and disobedience bring their own rewards from this highly skilled and experienced Dominatrix. We were looking for a lady with attitude to assist with the show and wow does she have it in spades. Maxine's methods of disciplining her subjects were learnt in her years spent working in one of those countries that used to be part of Communist Eastern Europe. Thankfully, here she cannot actually send anyone to Siberia, or have their capacity to sleep under dripping water tested, but Maxine does have her ways. She is also expert in helping men into ladies clothes although not with the ladies in them, and assisting the cross dressers to select shoes from her extensive range. For those with tastes a bit more on the kinky side of life, she has a full range of, lets just say, ˮinteresting equipmentˮ So fellas don’t give her a hard time on stage or she just may get her own back !

Benni (Cornstalk)
Benjamin (Benni) Pettett is a 35 year old musician who loves living music! He is a multi-instrumentalist specializing on the piano/keyboard, guitar, drums/percussion and even the big bass tuba in the brass band! Ben began learning classical piano from the age of 6, and loved it, completing up to 8th grade AMEB examinations.

From the age of 11 he started to learn the guitar and got the hang of it rather quickly, loving playing the blues and rock songs. From age 13 Ben joined the Newcastle PCYC brass band, starting on the euponium, then the baritone, then finally settling into the back row with the bass(tuba) section. The band competed in the national championships annually and was one of the best marching bands in the country. Thoughout the years at high school Benni gained a love for the drums, and really enjoyed being the drummer in rock bands created with school friends..

Ben was also very involved in the Newcastle musical theatre scene through his teens, playing in the orchestra for such shows as Camelot, Chess, South Pacific, My Fair Lady, West Side Story, and Little Shop of Horrors. Ben decided to vacate the orchestra pit for Jesus Chris Superstar hitting the stage as a cast member.

At 15 Ben became involved with the Narrabri shire brass band initially playing bass, then moving over to percussion(timpani etc), competing with the band annually and then in 2000 the band did a tour of the United Kingdom and France, which was an amazing experience. The band competed in contests in England and then headed over to Villers Bretonneux, France for Anzac Day. To be part of an Anzac Day ceremony on the actual fields where soldiers faught, where many were laid to rest, was the experience of a lifetime for Ben.

At 18, Ben and a close friend decided to put together a cover band playing guitar and providing back up vocals. This band was originally known as The Diggingest Dogs, spending their first year and a half playing throughout all areas of the NSW north west. When the band picked up management in Newcastle the Diggingest Dogs became ‘Scribble’. A 4 piece band ‘Ditto’ was also created with the addition of drums. Both bands played regularly in the Newcastle music scene for 6 years, which Ben considers to be some of the best years of his life.

In 2006 Ben met Chris Hammall, singer/guitarist/front man of Newcastle original blues/roots band Cornstalk. When he heard some of the songs, Ben wanted to become part of the band, bringing to it the flavour of blues gospel piano and organ. Things worked out well and Cornstalk have played in Byron Bay, Sydney and Newcastle, supporting artists such as The Beautiful Girls, and Ash Grundweld.

Cornstalk is currently completing production of their first album, with some tracks being nominated in the 2013 Australian Music Awards.

Ben recently joined the Cardiff Northlakes Brass band, for the love of the music and being part of a big group of musicians playing as one.

Ben also teaches piano and guitar to children at a primary school, and has big plans for his 5 year old daughter infect her with the love for music! And that’s not necessarily just playing/performing music, its also experiencing music, going to concerts and singing and dancing. If something makes you feel good in ways you cannot describe, it’s surely a good thing!

Also a vocalist Benni is currently putting together a solo show, featuring blues/rock/gospel versions of cover songs, where he will be singing and playing keys and/or guitar and/or harmonica and the lap slide guitar….oh and the kitchen sink if it fits in the car!

Benni also spends a lot of his spare time creating ambient music for relaxion and meditation. Future plans include producing an ambient chillout album and relaxation music.
  Dearly Departed Performers

Bella Black
What a woman. Hanibal found this poor critter beside a country road on a cold wet night cuddling a dead fox. Abandoned by her mother, the poor woman was, involved in a in a hunting incident. After chasing Blue Fin Tuna for what must have been miles with friends in a 16 ft tinny, her mum was swept overboard. Rescued by a local recreational fisherman she was left to find her own way home with baby Bella. Tragically hit by a speeding V8 ute with more driving lights then a 747 and more whip aerials then a fishing trawler Bellas mum was killed.  Hanibal nursed Bella her back to health on a diet of raw baby chickens with a weekend treat of a trip to the bins behind a fast food eatery, As a teenager Hanibal found Bella a job at the local smallgoods factory sharpening knives. And that is how she developed her love for sharp things like needles, knives and, yes you guessed it, swords. The more, the longer and the sharper the better. Of more recent times Bella has been with Hanibal on Australia’s Got Talent, USA Cable TV film and to Milan to defend Hanibals’s Guinness World Record. Talent all the way!
April Mae
Very little is known about the early years of April It is rumoured that she was an abandoned child who was taken in to an orphanage by a very strict religious order where she was taught the basics of an education as well as how to wash, scrub, cook, cut fire wood and sing Christmas Carrols. Sounds like the perfect wife although a bit noisy. Then that all changed when a chance meeting with a soldier one weekend on a trip to the local markets to purchase supplies for the orphanage . They fought it but couldn’t conquer it; love at first sight and they eloped. Unfortunately Aprils true love was killed on a far away battle field in some senseless war and poor April was distraught Hanibal found April consoling herself with cheap Gin in a seedy bar in one of the eastern suburbs of Adelaide and offered to take her into the Circus. The rest is history.
Australia’s Got Talent, USA Cable TV. A star was born.
Mr Tetanus
The Super Masochistic Human Pin Cushion!
Mr Tetanus has been a backward lad since infanthood, when his wet nurse accidentally stabbed him in the Willy with a nappy pin. He found at that formative stage, a passion to last a lifetime. He now staples his scrotum to a board and pierces his Achilles tendon with a meat hook for kicks! Thrill seekers are encouraged to utilize their complimentary Sick Bags* if they can stop laughing!

The Amazing Cristina
 At 68 years of age is the oldest full routine contortionist in the world and has long been considered one of the worlds top 10 contortionists.

Come and watch in case something snaps in a terrible manner!

See Christina LIVE at the Adelaide Fringe Festival!

Danger Boy
Inspired by Bohemian cabaret and dustbowl-era circus sideshow, Dangerboy explores the boundaries of human experience through feats of human endurance, magic and circus arts.  Dangerboy’s more unusual feats include walking barefoot on broken glass, chewing on lightbulbs and being sandwiched between two nail beds while his assistant tap dances on him. Two of his acts include world-first feats performed by no other sideshow carny in the history of the world.  He is probably best known for his semi-final appearance on Australia’s Got Talent, which provoked national controversy over the suitability of his razorblade swallowing routine during prime-time TV.  Dangerboy often teams up with a team of circus freaks and burlesque babes to perform his feature show, Cabaret of the Flesh!


Wicked Wench
  We do not know what her real name is but we do know that "Wicked Wench' is what she like to be called. It is of course, what we who know her, recognise as her distinguishing characteristics. An outstandingly fine looking bundle of pure wickedness... She sucks up for positions like "Door Bitch" and we really do have to restrain her a little as she is just so naturally inclined to do serious damage to any one foolish enough to attempt to get by with out paying.
Wicked Wench's other outstanding attribute is that she is a trouble maker. Some call her a general trouble maker, like her old school "Pals", her previous employer, who is now recovering in Glenside. Poor man we may take up a collection for him after our shows. The "Best man at a close friends wedding. Well he is fine and very happy, but the bride to be is serving tea and cucumber sandwiches to her old boss, at, you guessed it: Glenside.. Wicked Wench is a "do and be damned" wench like Sophia Loren in "Heller in Pink Tights" there is no stopping her when she has her sights set. Tougher then your grandmothers corset and able to resist anything except temptation. The one and only Miss "Wicked Wench".
  Rebecca Lyon (also known as Bec Toxic, B.J. Fluff) grew up in inner city Sydney where she was a regular around the mid 80's underground punk/reggae/ska scene. A very young (but tall) teenager frequented legendary early gigs by the Scientists, The Johnnys, Raggadoll, Hoodoo Gurus, Box of Fish and many many more. That idyllic groundbreaking time of her life has certainly left it's rock'n'roll mark on her with swampy, grungy, soupy, b-grade blood running through her veins.

A self-taught guitarist & singer, her first professional musical experience was in the very early 90's, as percussionist/backing vox for a Latin band 'Sasanga', where she performed many festivals and corporate shows. She tried a few smaller jamming collaborations after that as well as an early first attempt at her own original stuff before forming all girl punk band Toxic Shock with some mates. Toxic Shock were quite a force in Adelaide & Melbourne - on and off for 10 years and saw great success on these scenes, as well as on local radio charts.

After Toxic Shock decided to take a long term break, (that is still going) Bec, a prolific songwriter, kept writing songs and eventually formed Fluffy who has become a much loved and highly acclaimed blend of punk, hillbilly, swamp, country, stoner, grunge...

Hard to categorise - FLUFFY has been described as 'Blue Punk', 'Swamp Rock', with a 'big, FAT GROOVE'. FLUFFY - made 3D radio's top 100 + 1 - No 7 spot for 2011, a huge achievement and is no 1 on the top 20 charts at this very moment with their latest 'FLUFFY - A Rock N Roll Soap Opera' EP.


Cruella, Lady of Steel
The sexy ringmaster with the acid tongue, Cruella will have you eating out of her hand… or else, suffer the lash! Since escaping the convent in rural South Australia and kicking her habit once and for all, Cruella has led this carnival of lost souls around Australia. Titillate as she reclines on her bed of nails! Cringe as she files her fingernails with an angle grinder! Gasp as she walks the Staircase of death! Squirm as she receives a branding with a red-hot iron on her inner thigh!
Cabbage Patch Hanibal
Then there's Cabbage Patch Hanibal, four foot disgruntled minion to Baby Hannibal (or is that 'evil nemesis'?) Sabotaging Baby Hannibal's performance by throttling, stabbing & bludgeoning him at every opportunity. Cabbage Patch Hanibal steals the show by diving from a height of 20 feet onto a paper trampoline!!
Sexy Assistant Joy
Kidnapped by the North Koreans at the height of the Cold War, Sexy Assistant Joy was taken by submarine to Pyong Yang and used as a sequin clad drug mule. Rescued from the coast of Victoria by a travelling band, she was then sold to Circus Bizarre in exchange for a drum kit.
Since joining Circus Bizarre, she has endured feats of human endurance such as having molten lead poured on her feet; and performing the Dry Ice Kiss with Cruella. Joy is an exotic beauty to behold!

Sexy Assistant Mimi
This ravishing beauty remains an enigma, even to Circus Bizarre. Nothing is known of her origins, as she is completely mute. Cruella found her one morning in the arms of Baby Hannibal and she has been part of the show ever since. Unknown nations remain in awe of her erotic brand of striptease… none of which you’ll see in the show. Mimi is subjected to torture nevertheless! Thrill as Baby Hannibal takes to her bare bottom with an Orbital Detail Sander! And much more!
Dr. Lira
Circus Bizarre's one and only decomposing composer, ARIA award winning Dr. Lira is the master of the organ, bass guitar, drums… and who knows what else! The only one-man band in an Iron Lung you’ll ever see!

Especially for Adelaide the super talented Hammond, Keyboard and Theramin player Jimmy Trash!

Babe Annabel
Annabel has driven her mama and papa insane all over the world. Shaking her dick (and beard) with Peaches, going down to pussy town with Machine Gun Fellatio and putting the sin back into Sydney with Gurlesque, Annabel has tripped over the light fantastic a number of times.

Come feast your eyes on this razor blade swallowing sexbomb.